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Azulana About Us

Introducing the world’s finest sparkling tequila drink. Azulana blends 100% blue agave tequila with sparkling water, the essence of fruit and a subtle hint of agave nectar, creating a flavor as nuanced as it is unexpected. Made with premium natural ingredients and free of unpleasant harshness, it’s how a tequila cocktail is meant to taste.


Good tequila was created for smooth sipping, with complex flavor notes like a fine wine or good whiskey. As more bartenders and patrons discover this, the spirit is rapidly growing in popularity. Some people may still think of tequila as a harsh alcohol from their college party days - but it probably wasn’t 100% blue agave tequila they were drinking.


Our priority is making great sparkling tequila, but also manufacturing it responsibly and sustainably. We’ve invested in programs that improve the quality of life for our workers, and in environmentally friendly production methods that help us eliminate waste.

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